Gyasi Ross - Native American Activist

Gyasi Ross

… is a member of the Blackfoot Nation and his family also comes from the Suquamish Tribe. He is a father, a writer, filmmaker, attorney and activist.

Gyasi Ross Native American Activist and Speaker

Gyasi Ross is a graduate of Columbia Law School, currently practices law representing tribes for Crowell Law Offices-Tribal Advocacy Group and is co-owner and Vice-President of Red Vinyl Records. His first book of short stories and poems, “Don’t Know Much About Indians” was published in August 2011 and is in its second printing.

The book has made an impact in Indian Country and beyond and has received universally positive reviews. Gyasi is also a frequent contributor to Indian Country Today Media Network, and has contributed to other publications including The Seattle Times and The Huffington Post.

I come from the Blackfeet reservation from what would be considered a “traditional family.” My family was involved in ceremonies and pow-wows and language stuff and my grandpa, Percy Bullchild was super traditional – very well-respected at home, and wrote a book with a major publisher on our creation stories and morality tales.

Gyasi Ross Videos

Gyasi Ross on Change The Mascost Name Redskins Controversy

Gyasi Ross on ESPN Outside The Lines (Edited), Change The Mascot, Change The Name Redskins Debate. Attorney Gyasi Ross joins a panel including Dave Zirin, sports editor of The Nation; Ray Halbritter, CEO of Oneida Nation Enterprises; and Evan Redmon, discussing the Redskins name controversy. Televised April 24, 2014.


The Street lawyer explores the Native American scene with Mr. Gyasi Ross, Attorney, Activist, Poet, Writer, Community Organizer and George Michael fan. Gyasi has grown to be one of the most influential Native voices of his time. He is a deep rooted native, with urban cosmopolitanism, and an ivy league education. This is an eye-opening incredibly informative discussion. Gyasi’s eloquent, razor sharp, and humorous style is stuff of legends.. Bonus: the best analysis of the Redskins Controversy that has been expressed to date.