Gyasi Ross - Native American TV Personality


About Gyasi Ross …

Gyasi Ross is first and foremost a father, an uncle, and a big brother. Professionally, he is an essayist and writer, poet, speaker and lawyer. Through a life of service, listening and living within Native communities, Gyasi profoundly understands the needs of his people and has dedicated his life to forging change within his communities. Whether taking a more nuanced perspective on the Redskins controversy, encouraging self-worth in the community or defending the civil rights of those who can’t fight for themselves, part of Gyasi’s mission is raising the profile of the reservation populace, often viewed with ignorance as a shadowy world, as well as instilling a sense of pride amongst the people.

My point in everything is helping my community and the various populations therein to influence the systems that affect them. My goal in life is about mentorship, about figuring out how to instruct others to fulfill their purpose and understand the sense of self-awareness and application of spirituality to everyday life. To understand that we are worthwhile: economically, politically, educationally, and spiritually. We have a lot to offer.

Gyasi Ross Appearances

Ross also appears regularly on various talk shows and news programs to discuss current issues - from politics to sports, pop culture to history, the environment to immigration - and all the intersections with Native life and national dialogues about race. He also writes and speaks about historic and contemporary relations between African Americans and Native Americans.

This video is a collection of Gyasi Ross appearances from shows such as The ED Show, MSNBC and ESPN among others and provides an insight into the problems facing us as a nation of blended cultures.